Studio Construction

The process of studio construction can be complicated for most general contractors. We have acquired a team of skilled experts over the years. Our teams have developed some of the best construction techniques that allow us to work quickly and efficiently. We work across a whole range of different trades. From skilled carpenters, electrical, drywall, acoustic fabric, tuning the rooms, and soldering patch bays. 

The studios should be isolated and acoustically clear

An ideal studio control room should have no particular characteristics. It should add nothing and take away nothing from the pure sound delivered by the loudspeakers. The control room should be free of distracting reflections, resonances, and equipment noise. It should have a smooth frequency response with very minimal (if at all) acceptable tolerances.


 A typical Iso Clear Acoustics project begins with an initial site visit. We discuss the client’s basic requirements and budget which will determine the type of room we are designing and building. Layout ideas, type of music being made, equipment being used, workflow, and aesthetic requirements are discussed with the client. It is often necessary at this stage to undertake a full survey of the site to make sure we understand limits (if any) and isolation requirements. Often times, Iso Clear Acoustics is hired to visit spaces with client prior to rental or purchase of the building. This ensures that we avoid as many limitations as possible prior to designing and building a studio.

A studio build is 80% design and 20% build


Once initial site visits are complete and a rough budget is set we begin to design. The design takes into account everything discussed in the initial conversations and will usually follow the budget. This is a very critical step and needs to be done before anyone starts swinging a hammer. 3d renders and CAD drawings are drafted and this allows us to give the client accurate pricing for the build.









Once the room is designed and approved, we begin to build. There is few things that are as rewarding as seeing the clients and Iso Clear Acoustics ideas being executed and brought to life.