Limitation of liability:

The client agrees that Iso Clear Acoustics LLC shall not be liable for any losses, costs, damages of any nature whatsoever, including attorney’s fees and costs, resulting from labor performed by another contractor or the client. A separate contract will be drafted if the client decides to hire Iso Clear Acoustics LLC to carry on any part of the construction of the project.

Accommodation for jobs further than 2 hours from home base:

Nothing other than a commercially rented hotel, house, or apartment is acceptable. Accommodation must include free unlimited broadband Internet. No more than one adult per room. The accommodation may be no more than 15 miles or 30 minute drive (Whichever is first) from the work site.



Work Site:


Unhindered access to the work site is required at all reasonable times.

No restriction on working hours may be imposed except those agreed for logistical reasons before the contract starts. Adequate parking for our vehicles must be provided or paid for


In situations where the work site is subject to a general contractor there must be all legally required services provided by the principal contractor. This includes fire extinguishers, first-aid facility, clean and available toilets, and drinking water.

Where there is no general contractor we will provide, at cost in addition to the budget, all facilities that are missing or inadequate.


Unless otherwise stated it is expected that waste removal will be provided by the client. Separation of waste, if required, is an additional expense and not included in our price.


 Where work is being carried out in domestic accommodation, it must be understood that the accommodation becomes a work site and work site rules and procedures will apply. While efforts to keep the site clean, quiet, and safe will be taken; it has to be understood that construction of recording studios cannot be done in accordance with a family home life. Extra cleaning will be required, materials will be on-site and often in the way, and the construction team, while being as respectful as possible, will go about their work duties in a professional manner. Children and family visitors must not be allowed on-site, the site is a dangerous workplace not fit for uncontrolled access.